• DT-96电脑线编提花织机
  • DT-96电脑线编提花织机


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1. Brief introduction

DT series lace braiding machine as a new generation machine is completely computerized and can produce high-quality laces in high speed with various materials. Its high knitting speed and stable performance can considerably reduce the production cost in large-scales lace production.

This new generation lace braiding machine is designed and updated by our experienced technicians who has been working in this filed for more than 30 years. After more than ten-year’s practical production all over the world, this design has been the most mature technology and won the good reputation because of its compact size, stable performance, easy maintenance and long life-span etc.

More than 1,000 DT series lace braiding machines have been used by our customers all over the world so far. If you want to considerably increase your lace braiding efficiency and the lace quality while reduce the investment and production cost, Deying will be your best option.


2. Application

DT series lace braiding machine has been widely used for producing various decorative laces with different materials for:

u High-grade dresses

u Shoes and hat

u Drawnwork table cloth

u Curtains

u Bedclothes


3. Technical advantages


² Completely automatic The computerized control system can automatically read the lace pattern design, monitor the knitting process, accurately regulate the knitting speed, display and record the process sheet, discovery and display the faults etc.

² Automatic and accurate fabric count regulation The fabric count can be freely regulated between 0.1-3 mm during the operation and the accuracy can reach 0.01mm to form special lace patterns.

² Wide range of lace pattern options The computerized control cabinet has a record of more than 500 lace pattern designs. Our users can freely choose the design and produce the beautiful lace.

² High compatibility The lace pattern design software is compatible with Germany and Japan’s software. So our lace braiding machine can read and produce almost all the lace patterns designed by Germany or Japan’s software.

² Wide application Various yarns can be applied in this lace braiding machine, such as pure cotton, hemp, silk and chemical fibre etc. And the fineness of yarns can reach 603,602,803 and 802 etc.

² Advanced safety protection The whole machine can automatically shut-down triggered by yarn break, empty bobbins and overload safety clutch etc. The control panel will display the possible faults.


4. Installation, Guarantee and Documents

A. Documents

1) Operation manual

2) Electrical principle chart and instruments list

3) Spare parts list

B. Installation and after sales service

1) It is the seller’s responsibility to install, debug and train buyer’s operating personnel and the buyer should provide assistant, simple accommodation and the transportation fee for the seller’s technicians.

2) The trail production will last for 12 hours continuously after the debugging then the acceptance agreement will be signed by the two sides. The machine will be guaranteed for one year.

3) After the guarantee period, the sellers will supply maintain service for value and preferential parts.

4) The seller will regularly contact the user to record the machine’s performances.

C. Guarantee 12 moths 

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